My watch is broken.

One must always be ready for an emergency.

That isn't cool.

I have only five thousand yen.

I don't know whether I'll be able to attend tomorrow's meeting.


Honzo was promoted.

Matthias knows what we've been trying to do.

Yesterday I met two Americans who're bicycling through Japan.

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I bought that book for him.

The bus ran on the long and winding road.

Elwood usually takes a three-hour nap in the early afternoon.

The street is somewhere along here.

Ken wishes to brush up his English.


It's a black-and-white picture.

The launching of the company was in 1950.

Brokers made a killing because of the high yen.

My salary is very low.

If the patient is unconscious, the family can make the decision.

This is no laughing matter.

I have very sensitive skin.

Don't give it another thought.

She's eating spaghetti.


I'm taking it with me.

She was left behind.

Stay there and don't move!

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Kathryn was killed in a car accident last night.


Less of the heroics please, mister.

The train was almost an hour behind schedule today.

Genius does what it must, and talent does what it can.


I came only for you.

That would be nice.

She caught two mice.

Go ahead and do it.

He is a good joker.


Wawrinka got broken at love in the first game of the third set.

You're hiccupping again.

This is kind of fun.

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She fell in love with a prince.

I'm not going to work.

What shall we do afterwards?

This is what he painted.

There wasn't really anything I wanted to say.

Ken keeps two cats.

I cannot appreciate the subtleties of the subject.


You all had this coming.


Is it OK if I open the curtain?


What did you do with my luggage?

I was not aware of the trick.

Kristi went to Boston yesterday.

How cold it is!

It is important for him to get the job.


He scolded me for being lazy.

Ned wanted Todd to talk to John about the problem she was having with his children.

You're losing precious time.

Let's get her out of there.

I love the beautiful town.


I'll stay.

His hair is blond and he looks young.

The audience looked bored.


We walked along an avenue of tall poplars.


I would like a list of the Italian words that don't appear in the corpus yet.

I like to answer this kind of question.

When I started learning languages, it was hard to assimilate new words and keep a pace to study, but now, after having practiced for several years I do my routine unconsciously. You can't really finish learning a language, ever, but you can reach quite a high fluency. In my case, I learn approximately 3 or 4 languages at the same time and I don't get confused. It's all a matter of practice, accustoming and how well you get used to.

And you know what ? We're done !

I have an extremely important meeting tomorrow.

This is like shooting ducks in a barrel.

You've certainly outdone Sjouke.

He did it for his sister.

I regret to say I couldn't come yesterday.

I think we should follow them.

Do you do at least 60 minutes of exercise a day?

We were moving a little too fast.

He was called up in August, 1942.

I wish I had better news.

How could they forget us?

I heard Kevan won't be at school tomorrow.

It's very difficult to understand her.


I don't think this shirt goes with that red tie.

I wish I could buy that guitar.

My wife loves apple pie.

I knew you wouldn't be able to learn enough French in just three weeks.

The situation is absolutely crazy.

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Detroit was called the Paris of the West.

The world economy is in grave danger.

My dad gave up alcohol.

Such a childish plan is bound to fail.

He helped us.


I have to tell you guys something.

The spark plugs aren't the problem.

You left me alone.

I have served you all these years and you never even threw me a bone, but the dear children gave me their own piece of ham.

It wasn't much of a yard.

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What can that mean?

Harold's arm bicycle workout was sufficiently vigorous that his pectorals burst into flame.

I wasn't aware that the toilet and the bath are in the same room in the United States.

Let's see what we're up against first.

Hubert learned to dive when he was thirteen.

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I love surprise parties.

Dan will always be here.

You should be ashamed of your conduct.

Cow's milk is tastier than soy milk.

Everyone knows bees drink honey.

That's what my dad always said.

There are a variety of films which delve into such themes.

Ahmet, I think we need to help Amos. It looks like she's in trouble.

The driver advised us to fasten our seat belts.

There seem to be several reasons for his failure.

Betsy didn't quite know what Jones meant.

I've never wanted to be anything else but a teacher.

Traveling on business is stressful.

Mitchell insisted that this wasn't his fault.

Why are you taking this so personally?


I wiped the dirt off my pants.


You look pale as a ghost.

Nothing but peace can save the world.

Nadeem came back home after dark.

Admitting what you say, I still think that you were wrong.

They take this negative way of protesting against adult domination.

We're coming back.

Why don't we just agree to disagree?

We used to go out every night.

Have you ever connected to the Internet?

I don't want to be exploited.

Let's talk over the plan after school.

If only I had met more people in the past, today I'd be a different person. But, due to my introverted nature, I can now rely on very few friends.

I didn't think it would matter.

Something offended her.

I'll figure out a way to fix this.

Do you think a little salt would improve the flavor?

They stayed up late talking.

Giving up isn't the answer.

Next to China, Switzerland is an abandoned village.

He makes his living by singing.

Pam thought he was really charming.

Is everybody having a great time?

His opinion is quite just.

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I'll buy you another one.


Work makes everything possible.

You hurt us.

I guess fire should do the trick!

A careful reader would have noticed the mistake.

There must be something wrong with the machine.

Do you remember this song?

I think Sanjeev likes you.

Food processors are convenient for slicing vegetables.

The thief reluctantly admitted his guilt.

Within one month of going abroad, he became sick.

Murthy filed her nails.


Beauty is a letter of recommendation which it is almost impossible to ignore.

Archie wiped his spectacles.

Is management really going to consider our bonus, or was that just lip service?

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Jeannette is probably a bit older than Mario.


Hunger, my boy, is no reason for taking something which belongs to another.

A news chopper crashed in Seattle.

He put on an air of innocence.

Take care not to miss the train.

Why don't you get one?

I wanted to talk to you first.

Sjouke came up with an answer to our problem.

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Nou got up and started dancing.

He said that I must go.

Can you blame them?

Its business is advancing quite well.

Julianto said he wasn't interested.

He translated this piece of writing on Zen Buddhism.

There's not much time left.

It was nothing short of wonderful.

What's your favorite thing to do on weekends?


Let's all raise our glasses and give a toast to our special guest, eh?